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IQ Option Binary Trading In Colombia


IQ Option is a vast trading platform that has been around since 2013. It comes with a great variety of financial instruments and offers EFTs, cryptocurrencies, and commodities, etc. It also offers both binary and digital options to traders. As it is user-friendly, easily accessible, and has a shallow deposit requirement, IQ Option has grown hugely over the past few years. It also comes with a demo account that allows traders to practice before they start their actual journey. You get a mobile trading app too, which lets you trade while you are on the go.

If you are in Colombia, IQ Option can be a good platform for you, through which you can interact with other traders. But the overall process is a bit difficult because platforms usually do not accept Colombian traders. However, if you choose IQ Option, you might find the procedure more comfortable and stress-free. It is considered one of the best platforms to start trading through if you are in Colombia. It allows you to interact with a wide variety of traders and has substantial financial asset variety.

Before you begin binary trading in Colombia, it is essential to know the popular trade types in your country. This will help you achieve success. Here are the top three types of trades that are very appealing in Colombia:

EUR/USD Pairing

Trading FTSE


How to Register for Trading if you are in Colombia?

If you are a beginner, you must know some of the basics of registering for trading. Sign up with a reputable broker and get a demo account. We highly recommend you to put the demo account to use and practice before you start. You don’t want to waste your money. A demo account is the best way for you your knowledge to use. You get virtual money in your demo account by default, and you can start practicing trading right away. But once you have set your vision correctly, you need to focus on how to make real investments and money?

So now you switch to a real account. But for doing so, you have to make a deposit. Your very first deposit will set your currency for the account. If you deposit cash in USD, your currency will be USD permanently. If you deposit in EUR, then your currency will be set to EUR. You will then have to pick a deposit method. You can either choose a bank card or get instant transactions through e-wallets. AdvCash, Neteller, and Skrill are some of the most famous e-wallets that you can use.

Once done, you can now start trading. You can switch between different clusters of assets. Choose between stocks, forex, commodities, indices, and options. You must know about money management, market news, and trend analysis to succeed in this industry. For withdrawal, you will have to choose e-wallets and withdraw the amount you want. Simple! With these quick and easy steps, you can start trading.

How to get the right education?

As beginners, every trader needs to get the right knowledge. You have to make sure that you have gained the proper training and education. Many online courses teach you how to start binary trading and how to get their benefits. However, we vouch for Forex Lab PK. They have a great diversity of learning experiences for you. They allow you to interact with international traders from around the world, and they teach you everything that they have learned through their journey. What else can be better than learning from the well-experienced themselves? They unveil their strategies and how you can predict the market changes too.

Moreover, Forex Lab PK allows you to exchange currency as well. Most importantly, you get the best education and training for absolutely free. Yes, you heard that right. They do not cost you for any courses. You can choose any and start learning right away, from any corner of the world. They are offering their services throughout the globe. Whether you are from Colombia or Chile, you can gain their benefits.


Binary trading has spread rapidly in most corners of the world, and thankfully, we can now learn and execute our knowledge online, through various platforms efficiently. All you need is a little practice and adequate training, and you are good to go. You can start your journey as a trader!

IQ Option Binary Trading in Singapore


Discovering IQ Option is one of the best decisions that a trader can ever make. It provides you with a wide variety of instruments to trade. From commodities to cryptocurrencies and from stocks to ETFs and indices; an incredible diversity is offered to the investors. The availability of trading assets is massive, and thus, IQ Option has become one of the best brokers to opt for, worldwide. You can also check the price-performance and get analysis charts. IQ Option is CFD based and has a massive outreach, up to 500+ stock markets.

Luckily, it is also accessible in Singapore. All you need to do is sign up and get your account. You can start with a demo account as well. The perks of a demo account are that you can easily practice trading through it. This is great for beginners!

binary trading in singapore

Best Binary Options Brokers:

If you are in Singapore, it is crucial to know about the best binary options brokers available to you. Here are the top ones:

  • IQ Option is the best option overall.
  • If you are a beginner, you can rely on Pocket Option as well.
  • Binomo is a very reliable broker as well.
  • Olymp Trade is the best bet for binary options trading.

Singapore is a great country when it comes to binary trading. If you are a Singapore resident and are planning to start your journey in this industry, you must go ahead. With all the necessary services available, this country has almost no hurdles regarding regulations and legal dilemmas. However, it does not have regulated homegrown brokers. But you can always interact with international brokers as it is super easy and quick to connect with global stock markets, within minutes.

Now, choosing a broker is not easy. It will help if you pay attention to many essential facts. Firstly, you need to make sure that the broker you pick is regulated and licensed. Always choose reputable companies. You don’t want to fall prey to a scam at all. It is also essential to know that MAS regulates financial markets in Singapore.


the broker you choose must offer you support. Trading with local traders is good, but as an investor, you will realize, with the time that trading with international brokers has a lot more to offer you. Therefore, you must pay attention to language and customer support. This will help you interact with offshore brokers and gain the most out of trading. Moreover, the stats show us that Singaporeans mostly trade with offshore brokers.

It is best to start with a demo account. You don’t want to put your funds on risk. A demo account comes with a reasonable sum to start your journey and put your knowledge to use. Lastly, you can always get mobile apps for your convenience. This way, you will be able to stay connected with traders all the time. The best platforms come with mobile tools for sure so that you can trade while being on the go.

Get Trained:

The first and most crucial step towards trading is the right education and training. If you don’t have enough knowledge, you won’t sustain it in this field. As a beginner, you can look up to Forex Lab PK for training. It is open for everyone, from all around the world. You can easily connect with experienced traders and learn from what they have to teach. From primary education to training, Forex Lab PK is offering you everything! And the best part about this platform is that they offer you these courses, free of cost. You can learn professional strategies and also get an education about how to draw a trend line. With the best people from around the world, teaching you the best tricks, you will start your journey smartly through this platform, without any costs.


Best Binary Options Broker 2020

Best binary brokers 2020

Binary options broker is a trading platform. It has financial options with two payoffs, whether it’s a fixed amount or nothing at all. It is the most straightforward financial asset to trade. Binary options broker is a trade where the result is binary, Yes or No answer. In it, you have to pick a suitable option that suits you.

Do you want to invest your money with binary options? Which binary options broker is the best to invest money in?

Binary options broker has many pros and cons. There are a lot of scams out there. Often binary options is an over the counter traded products. Traders are trading against each other. There were many frauds in the binary options broker. That is the reason it was a ban on some of the countries.

Best binary options brokers have regulation of government finance authorities. They have free demo accounts, low minimum deposits, and no hidden fees. Another factor that makes a broker reputable is if it yields high on investment and provides customer funds safety.

Now let’s discuss the best binary options brokers in 2020

Binary.com (Deriv.com)

It is the best rated binary options broker in 2020. It has VFSC, FSC, MGA regulation. Its return on investment is up to 100%+. It is an automated trading options broker with high yield, forex, and CFDs. Its minimum deposit rate is 5 $. It is UK based and licensed broker. The clients from the US, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, and Costa Rica are not accepted. It also blends gambling and trading but with transparency. It supports proprietary web, Android, and iPhone.

Iq option

It is an in house software for trading, established in 2012. It is also reviewed equally to Binary.com. Its regulation is CySEC ( Cyprus securities and exchange commission ). Its return on investments is up to 100-1000% and has leverage up to 1:300. It is the best trading platform so far. Why? Because it has an excellent customer support and high yield. It opens free demo accounts for testing, and the minimum deposit is 10 $. IQ Option has 99% user satisfaction and the most popular binary options brokers.

Furthermore, it allows you to try $10,000 demo accounts to fell its features.

Iq option provides a wide array of web-based and mobile features that make binary trading transparent and efficient. It provides 5-minute increments, and on an hour, it gives 10minutes increments.


best broker


Binomo started in 2014 and has been increased its clients and bought its name in the best binary options brokers. It is rated less than Iq and binary.com, but still, it is at number 3. Its regulation is IFC and gives a 90% return on investment. Moreover, it provides access to multiple account types, and its trading goes on 24/7. Its minimum deposit is $ 10. It is a member of financial commitment.


It is also one of the best binary brokers, which started back in 2014. It has VSFC regulation, and it gives 90% of return on investments, along with fantastic support and various types of accounts. It is specific social trading. It is a legally registered binary options broker.ExpertOption accepts clients from all over the world.It functions on significant world currencies. It has 20+ stocks based on US companies. It does not traditional CFD and forex trading.


Binarium is one of the most reputable binary options traders. It functions in Saint Vincent and Grenadines. It has no regulation, and the minimum deposit is $ 5. The best part is that it is a legally registered binary options broker. It does not accept clients from the USA, Israel, and a few countries from the OFAC list. It has a simple registration process. It owns a specific trading room, and it accepts cryptocurrency.

Pocket option

It started back in 2017 and is an unregulated offshore company. Pocket Option’s private regulation is IFMRRC. Its minimum deposit is also 10$, and it functions from the Marshall Islands. Any government agency does not regulate it, and it also excludes some OFAC sanctioned countries. It consists of 30+ currency pairs, based on crude oil. Likewise, It has 20+ stocks based on US companies.

Now you can easily make your decision of which binary options broker to choose. The price has to be above or below the entry points to gain the return in investment. It is effortless to trade binary options. That is why it is the best and popular investment.

Cryptocurrency in Pakistan and India


Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange, done through the internet. These currencies are transferrable between two parties through either public or private keys. This medium of exchange is uncontrollable via any central power, and the most fantastic feature about this is that it is all doable within a reasonable budget.

Now, cryptocurrency differs from country to country. Every state has its own set of guidelines regarding the functioning of this type of exchange. In this piece of article, we will be discussing the cryptocurrencies of Pakistan and India. Thus, if you are a resident of any of these two countries, this small guide will help you a lot.

Is Cryptocurrency Safe?

Cryptocurrency is just like any other investment; it is risky! But, according to experts, cryptocurrency is a bit more risker than other forms of investment. Therefore, being safe is very important. Research is extremely crucial. Make sure that you research the exchanges before you make a pick. There is a wide variety of 500 exchanges to make a pick from; knowing about the ones that you plan to invest in will reduce your chances of failure. Although, do remember that there is always a win-lose situation when you invest. Being patient is the key, but research is equally important.

You also need to know how to store your virtual currency. You have to ensure safety by all means. Research all the methods and pick the best one. Don’t put all your investment in bitcoin. It is not a safe strategy. Diversification is the key to a smart investment, and thus you need to invest in different ways.

Cryptocurrency in Pakistan

Pakistan has faced a lot of financial crime in the past few years, and thus, it is generating new cryptocurrency rules to gain control over the situation. Till the virtual assets are not secure, cryptocurrency is ban in Pakistan.

Cryptocurrency companies are required to undergo various executives to ensure that they are secure for the users. They are obliged to take a handful of measures to protect the users and meet the capital demands that come along with the new regulations.

Cryptocurrency does not have much recognition in Pakistan as it has been banned entirely since last year, April.

The need to shield people’s virtual assets is crucial, and cryptocurrency regulations need to be evolved in Pakistan so that people can place their trust in such companies and help the industry grow. However, there are some online websites where you can get indulged in cryptocurrency. But as the law has banned it at the moment, we cannot state it to be a secure medium.

Cryptocurrency in India:

Cryptocurrencies are not legal in India either, but a larger population uses this medium of exchange. The fascinating factor here is that cryptocurrency exchange is legal in India, but the tender is illegal. Thus, if you want to involve yourself in a cryptocurrency exchange while being in India, you can!

Furthermore, if you are earning profits through bitcoins, you must pay tax on them. The tax regulations related to cryptocurrency exchange in India are vague, but you must refer to the guidelines before involving in the process.

The growth of cryptocurrency exchange in India has grown massively. The government has not banned this medium completely, but the prohibitive measures are under extreme consideration. The main aim is to make the process of cryptocurrency exchange safer for every common man. The safety of the virtual assets remains a concern for India too. It is always preferable that you do extensive research before investing.

Final Verdict

To conclude, you can indulge in cryptocurrency exchange in both countries somehow, but the process is not entirely secure. The concern of a lack of financial security lingers in both countries, and it is not solved. With Pakistan banning cryptocurrency overall and India allows minima exchange only, the lack of protection is a huge issue to consider. Research through the laws of your countries before involving in cryptocurrency investments. Understanding the do’s and don’ts will help you stay safe, which is extremely important when exchanging mediums digitally.


Binary Trading in Pakistan and India

binary option trading in Pakistan and India

Binary trading is an investment that comes with two basic options; you either gain a financial incentive or you are left empty-handed. It is either wrong or right, as there is no in-between.

Many investors tend to enjoy this form of investment a lot more, in comparison to stock sales and other types. On the contrary, some investors compare it to gambling as they believe that it is subjected to scam as well.

However, every investor has their own set of experiences with binary trading. If you are from India, you would definitely know about the massive growth of binary trading. India certainly doesn’t disappoint you when it comes to this form of trading. On the other hand, Pakistan, being the 4th largest internet system across the globe, doesn’t have a licensing system, which makes binary trading a bit challenging.

In this piece of article, we will be sharing the experience of binary trading in Pakistan and India individually, and you will understand how they differ in both the countries, respectively.

Binary Trading in Pakistan

Binary trading is legal in Pakistan, but what makes it tough is the lack of a proper licensing system for it. The process thus becomes challenging. The investor has to get in contact with an offshore broker in order to get their investment and trading activities running.

Another huge challenge for binary trading in Pakistan is the requirement of finding an offshore broker who will offer you an Islamic account. In light of Pakistan’s Islamic law, you are not allowed to gross interests on your investments. Moreover, you are required to find brokers who are licensed with the best jurisdictions only. Thus, finding a complaint broker in Pakistan, abiding by the laws, becomes a challenging task.

If you are in Pakistan and you want to invest in binary trading, then here are some very basic yet crucial things that you must know about.

  • Assets: 

It is very important to have knowledge about haram trade and asset options. Yes, it is very attractive to have options when it comes to binary trading, but you need to be careful of the choices you make. The assets you choose must be halal and under the guidance of Sharia law.

  • Licensing:

The binary trader might be legal in Pakistan, but the lack of local brokers makes the process tough. The rules are also quite strict. Thus, you must be careful while licensing and getting an off-shore broker.

  • Demo Account:

While choosing a broker, you must be careful of the fact that they follow Islamic rules and also give you a demo account option. This account is free as it helps you in understanding the procedure.

Binary trading in Pakistan is challenging due to the Sharia law and thus, it hasn’t regulated largely in this country.

Binary Trading in India:

If you are in Indian resident and you wish to step into binary trading, then you would thoroughly enjoy it. India doesn’t seem to dissatisfy you when it comes to binary trading. Online trading is a vast industry and India has adapted to it largely. The variety of assets that are accessible in India, on different platforms, makes binary trading a good option in this country.

  • Licensing:

If you are opting for an offshore broker; it is fine. You just need to make sure that they are licensed. FCA and CySEC are great options for investment.

  • Great variety of Assets:

A good variety of assets is what makes binary trading better. Thus, while you are choosing a broker, make sure that you check in with the support that they are offering you. Many brokers offer you only a small amount of support and demand you to get a premium account to access others. Thus, do your research correctly.

  • Payout:

Always look out for payouts, between 70-85%. Many people believe that offers that seem too good to be true are a scam. But that is not always the case. Settling for too little might not be a good idea at all.

Binary trading is definitely growing in India, but there is still a lack of acknowledgment, making it a bit tough for investors to get into the market. Thus, Indians usually look for European brokers.


There are some very evident issues with binary trading, but if you are able to get a good broker, the process gets exciting and more comfortable. It does have an appeal to it, which attracts investors towards it, chiefly.

 3 Avoidable Mistakes Forex Traders Make

3 Avoidable Mistakes Forex Traders Make

Human error is a part of human nature. We learn through mistakes and thus, we gain experience. You cannot fully understand the dos and don’ts until and unless you are indulged in the process. Mistakes are a common part of the forex industry. Beginners and even intermediate forex traders, make some errors, now and then.

However, if you are well-aware of the mistakes that can be caused, beforehand; it can help you avoid them. Yes, being in the industry is completely different and you definitely learn through experience. But having a little knowledge about the mistakes can help you fight them better. A wise man always tries to learn from others mistakes’. And if you are here to do so, then you will certainly make a wise forex trader, in the long run.

Top 3 Mistakes Forex Traders Make

Before you commit to Forex trading, you need to be well-educated about this type of trading. You cannot gain success without having the right knowledge. From what is a forex and how you can trade to benefit from it; you can learn everything from Forex PK Lab. They have experienced traders on board who guide and teach you through their experiences. Also, they put forth their pro strategies to help you understand what can work, to help you gain success. Not only this, you will be able to connect with some of the best traders through this platform too. No matter where you are in the world, you can utilize Forex PK Lab, at its best. Being accessible online, 24/7, it becomes easier for traders, from all around the world, to gather knowledge and start trading, from the ease of your home.

Mistakes are okay to make! But what if the mistake it avoidable? Well. Then you need to be careful about them while you trade. Here we have listed the top 3 mistakes that forex traders usually make. And you can avoid them, by learning about them! Let’s dig in.

Forex Mistakes which newbies should avoid

List of Top Mistakes During Forex Trading

  1. Starting without a trading plan:

So this is the most common mistake and the most avoidable one too. NEVER start trading, be it of nay type, without a proper plan. A trader who starts without a plan, gains no consistency in their journey. They are confused about where they are leading and thus, they hardly gain success. When you have a plan, you are able to avoid haphazard decisions. A proper strategy helps you in staying devoted and creates a clear path about what and how you wish to trade. When you are familiar with the basics, you always begin with a plan. And if you were thinking of starting without a plan; undo that! Go, make a plan first and a step to step map of how you want to trade and then start.

  1. Minimal or No Research:

Forex traders are required to do a lot of research. It is crucial to study the markets and financial assets. You must know about economic calendars. From market trends to time of entry and exits points; everything must be researched in detail, before starting with forex trading. Traders who do not research before beginning, usually fail. Do not react to every media news and always opt for reliable sources like Forex PK Lab to gain the right information and pro strategies.

  1. Trading on Emotions:

Emotion-based forex trading is a huge mistake that surprisingly, a lot of traders make. Emotional trading is not good and it always results in irrationality. When a trader loses, they usually open up additional positions for the sake of compensation. But these openings have no technical or educational backup. This is where the first mistake comes in action. When you are leading without a plan, you tend to indulge in emotional trading. A proper plan helps you in avoiding these mistakes and strengthens your chances of winning.


Trading is not a child’s play and without a plan or the right education, you cannot gain success. Although forex trading has gathered immense recognition over time; people still lack proper knowledge when they start. This is where platforms like Forex PK Lab are extremely helpful. They are providing free education on all types of trading. You are able to learn from experienced traders and also get your hands on how to make the right plan and avoid making mistakes.

If you are just starting, make sure that you gain knowledge and then start. Don’t just jump in the puddle without proper education.